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Why run 6-7 days a week?

It is important, when training for a distance event, to consistently get in time on your feet.  If done gradually more and more time can be added to each session, which allows the body to handle greater and greater stresses.  And, if done right, your body will be able to recover each day and will be refreshed on a 24 hour cycle for your daily runs. 

Have you have ever trained for a marathon and heard or thought that you need to have training runs of more than 20 miles to be prepared?  Most will go out and kill themselves to get that training run in without being prepared and will either get hurt or can’t recover for days.  It may seem counter intuitive but 20+ mile training runs are rarely needed even when training for a marathon.  Running 6-7 days a week at gradually longer duration will prepare you sufficiently for an endurance race.  Running each day has a cumulative effect, so the miles you put in each day will help you to adapt to the following day, following week, following month.  It will build your body to be able to endure the strains of a marathon. 
When you start running 6-7 days a week you may start with less time, at no defined pace.  Every day needs to be fun and enjoyable; it should never be a drag to get out the door to just mark off the day on the schedule.  Each week more time and resulting mileage will be added, slowly, until you can run an average of one hour daily or more.  Yes, running 6-7 days a week is possible.

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