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Most runners will start a running program with a marathon or half marathon as their goal.  Many runners fall short with their training regimes and never properly train all body systems that are crucial for endurance running.  Training for a marathon, half marathon, or other distances is possible, even if you start from zero.

To develop the best training schedule, a full runner profile, including Personal Records (PRs) will be analyzed.  Understanding where to begin and where improvements are needed is important in establishing a basis for training.  A customized and organized approach is used to create each athletes training program.  Depending on your current fitness and training goals, training phase intensity and duration can be determined and modified throughout.  Understanding your personal limits is essential to ensure injury prevention or over-training. And race finish time predictions can be set for 5km, half marathon, and full marathon distances with accuracy.  

The marathon is 97.5% aerobic therefore training the aerobic system properly for endurance distances is a primary focus of all RUN BYFEEL programs. With full commitment to the phase training, athletes’ will accomplish the following:

Decreased injury due to the strengthening of core muscles, tendons and bone density
• Enhanced ability to withstand higher intensities for longer durations comfortably
Increased capability to flush lactic acid from muscles resulting in shorter recovery times
Faster pacing for longer runs without  excessive speed-work

Continuous evaluation and modifications are made to all training programs during each Phases to ensure safety and success.


The key focus in Phase I is time on your feet.  It’s about a simple and easy start.  There are no pace requirements, rather time requirements.  The goal is to build a strong body capable of taking on more work.   Workouts focus on building a strong foundation where your tendons, muscles, and bones are fully prepared to take on harder workouts in additional phases.  Development of capillary beds to increase oxygen intake will also occur.  Regular run reviews will be conducted and you will gain a strong understanding of the phase elements.  Graduation from this phase and advancement to Phase 2 happens when you can fulfill the weekly time requirements.



Phase II is about aerobic endurance training.  Now that your body is strong from Phase I you will focus on increasing intensity.  Learning to train by intensity based off of (max) heart rate allows your body to understand aerobic levels and anaerobic thresholds. As you continue to build your aerobic base at lower intensities you will also train at higher heart rate intensities.  Regardless of external elements  you will train within your bodies capabilities.    The effort in this phase is capable of causing physiological adaptations that can prepare you to SMASH THROUGH THE WALL.   If you are training to race, your target will be to run at 90% of your maximum heart rate for one hour.   If your goal is general health and well being, this phase can be continued indefinitely.


Phase III focuses on race specific training.  It will be challenging and intense with the incorporation of anaerobic speed work.  A time trial at the  onset of this phase will determine training paces and schedule.  Workouts will be structured based on ramp-up training races and for the final race being trained for.  For shorter races, training volume and intensity are adjusted.  Workouts include specific types of interval and anaerobic speed training that is based off of time trial results as well as a continuation of longer aerobic runs.  Close monitoring insures workouts are being conducted properly.  After doing the work you will have the confidence to accomplish your goal on race day.


You have accomplished your goal and completed the marathon, half marathon or 10k – you have worked hard.  Phase 4 is about rest and regeneration.  It can include light jogging, biking, weight training, yoga, meditation, nutrition and possibly a vacation.  This simple phase can be up to one month out of a year. Reflect on your accomplishments.  Clear your head and start thinking about your next training cycle and goals – RUN BYFEEL. 

When your phases are accomplished you will be able to RUN BYFEEL.  You will be able to know exactly where your body is by heart rate, by pace, by strength – BYFEEL.  You will know exactly what your body can endure and you will know exactly how to train for your next marathon, half marathon or any race.  The training phases will be yours to keep and you will be able to make the determination to graduate from each phase based on where your body is.  If you decide to strive for that new PR and want RUN BYFEEL Elite marathon or half marathon training then we welcome you to join us.

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