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At RUN BYFEEL we have blended a running technology from RunningAhead* with our phase training to create the most comprehensive communication interface for you.  As a member of RUN BYFEEL you will be able to take advantage of this easy-to-use technology solution as a way to:

  • View your daily run schedule
  • Track details about your training runs
  • Access progress reports
  • Communicate with the coaches
  • Interact with other athletes

Marathon and half marathon training can be a daunting task if you think ahead to race day. The ability to track daily training information within each of the RUN BYFEEL training phases will keep you motivated and focused. Every time you train, data is wirelessly downloaded from your GPS/Heart Rate device to your personalized account**. This data will include: time, miles, heart rate, courses, quality and effort, maps, elevation and more. You can even keep track of your shoes and gear mileage.

As you are training for a 26.2 or 13.1 mile endurance race, the strategy will be to focus on the daily training runs. If you maintain focus, you will see improvements over time. Your coaches will have a portal to review your progress; this will help with accountability for your running. If you fall short in doing the work you will notice gaps in progress.   The platform improves accountability for your training. 

Communication with your coaches is critical throughout the process and will be done directly through your account. You will be able to detail every run and coaches will be able to comment back to you on your results.  We want to hear details about your training runs and race results, good or bad, so that we can modify your training as needed. We want you to ask questions and we will ask questions of you. We will be there every step of the way.

*RUN BYFEEL has partnered with RunningAhead to provide you with the RUN BYFEEL branded technology. 

**The platform supports many GPS and heart rate devices.  Wireless GPS upload is available for The Garmin Forerunner.  However, file upload is available for Polar devices as well as from other data centers including Athleticore, Beginner Triathlete, Buckeye Outdoors, Custom Data, Daily Miles, Garmin Fit, Garmin Training Center, GPX, Map My Run, MOTOACTV, Polar HRM, Polar Personal Trainer, Polar ProTrainer, Run Keeper, Runner’s World, Running Charts, Sports Tracks, Strands, Training Peaks.  RUN BYFEEL recommends Garmin Forerunner for ease of use.

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