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Do I get to pick the coach that I would like to train me? 
Our head coach, Adam Mulia, will be overseeing all training programs.  However, other coaches may be involved with your training.  Additionally, if you have any gender specific questions that you would like to discuss with one of coaches you are welcome to do that.


How are fees charged and payment made?
All Fees are charged on a subscription basis.  When you sign up your credit card will be charged for the first month of service and will be charged each following month that you are training with RUN BYFEEL.  Once your registration is complete and first month payment is made you will be contacted by the coaches, emailed your username and password and your training program will be created.   

What is the cost of RUN BYFEEL?
There are several RUN BYFEEL training programs to choose from which are located at Benefits & Pricing.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?
You can cancel your RUN BYFEEL training with 30-days written (email is fine) notice.  We understand that schedules and life changes.  You can always come back and restart your training at any time.  And if you want to stay within the RUN BYFEEL community on a limited basis you can purchase our Basic Training and we will monitor your runs and answer questions that you have.   There are no refunds for payments made. 

Can I continue on as part of the RUN BYFEEL community after my training?
Yes, you are welcome to maintain your membership within RUN BYFEEL.  We want to see your running progress and we may check in from time to time to look at your running and see how your training is going.  There is a minimal fee to maintain your membership and coaches will be checking in with you to discuss future running goals and to monitor your progress. 

Can I continue to use my online training log and technology after training?
Yes, the technology platform will be available to you after your phase training.  We feel that the platform is fantastic for runners to log and track progress.  It helps us view your runs and we may check in from time to time to see how you are doing. 

How does this program reduce the risk of injury?
As with the entire program, we must know why's and how's.  For injury, there are two types of injury, those caused by something external and those caused by something internal.  An example of an external injury would be dropping something on your foot.  Your training suffers from an external cause, usually out of your control.  An example of an internal injury would be training harder than you should, or training too much for your current fitness.  We teach you how to know your limits, in order to reduce the risk of injury.  Our system will help you check these limits on a daily basis.

What happens if I get hurt during training?
Although our training programs were built to minimize injuries, all of our body’s handle things differently.  And, we are all prone to be goofy now and again and trip on a root.  If you get hurt you need time for your body to heal.  If you request we can put your monthly payments on hold until you are ready to start running again.  

Will I get to meet the coaches in person?
Possibly.  Our coaches are in Connecticut, Costa Rica, New York and Vermont and we do races all over.  If you are in Milan, Kuala Lumpur or Melbourne we probably won’t meet face to face, but don’t worry with our online technology and communication platform we will get to know you just as well as if you were right here with us.  We will be reviewing your runs and will have plenty of discussion throughout.  Coaches will also be available through Skype and Google video chat. 

Also, RUN BYFEEL will be hosting running camps in Costa Rica and Vermont.  What a better way to see two beautiful places, run with us in the mountains at altitude and let the stresses of work and everyday life escape you.   Please see more information on our training camps.   


Is there group running involved?   
We love the camaraderie of running in groups.  A lot of running shops have group running.  However, the RUN BYFEEL training phases will be built specifically for you.  Unfortunately when you run with a group there is a tendency to run above or below where your level of training should be.  This can be very dangerous and can result in injury or you may not be training at the level you need to be within your RUN BYFEEL phase.  We recommend that if you choose to run in groups or with partners to do it on your easy (less technical) days and be sure that you are meeting your daily run goals.  

Why should I pay for RUN BYFEEL when there are free or cheap training guides?
There are a ton of free or cheap training guides.  Although we cannot comment on all of them we can tell you that they are not tailored to specifically train you as an individual.  And they do not adjust depending on how your training is going.  Because of this we feel that those training guides can be dangerous and lead to over or under training and injury. 

Can I sign up for RUN BYFEEL with a training partner and do the program together?
Yes and no.  The RUN BYFEEL training can be very powerful when experienced with a partner or friend.  You will see changes in your running, body and health and can compare with each other.  You can sign up at the same time as a partner or friend.    However, the RUN BYFEEL training phases will be built specifically for you and your specific training program may differ from your partners. 

Will my personal information be sold or dispersed to anyone outside of BoeFly?
RUN BYFEEL is not in the business of selling contact information.  RUN BYFEEL is a premium running training system for all levels of runners.  Our goal is to help you realize your running goals but also help you change your life.  With this we may have our partners recommend other products and services.  We may have used these products and services and will only allow offers to go out to you if we feel they can help with your training and health.  RUN BYFEEL does not guarantee or officially endorse any third party products and it is at your full discretion to purchase these products or services.    Please click here to see our full privacy policy.

What if I forget my username and password?
No Problem.   You can retrieve your username and password here.

How long can or should I work with the coaches?
The RUN BYFEEL training system is built to teach you the right way to run and to develop a strong understanding of the program so you can take it with you.  We recommend that you train with us through the full phases, one complete cycle, and we will provide you with a lot of prospective and retrospective information.  However, RUN BY FEEL has elite training programs for those athletes who want to extend their training, achieve a PR, or just continue to improve your running.  Or if you just want to stay connected on a limited basis you can choose a basic yearly membership.

Do I need a heart rate monitor?
No, a heart rate monitor is not required but the use of one is strongly suggested for optimal results.  The HR monitor gives you important feed back that you may not be aware of initially, and being aware of them will help you to improve at a faster rate.  RUN BYFEEL uses heart rate as one of the tools to train you to ultimately RUN BYFEEL – the goal being that you will be able to understand what your exertion levels are.  If you have never trained with a heart rate monitor it is eye-opening.  That being said the technology is just one aspect of the training.   Additionally, your daily training on watches and heart rate devices can be uploaded to your RUN BYFEEL account for review by your coach.  

What are the terms for RUN BYFEEL training? 
You can find the RUN BYFEEL full terms here.  
What if I don’t see my question answered in this FAQ document?
If you have additional questions about RUN BYFEEL or want to discuss your personal running background please email us at

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