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I'm 36, and have been running for a little more than 10 years.  I ran my first marathon in 2002 on 3-4 days a week training.  I ran 3:30:46.  Although it was a struggle I caught the marathon fever.  From that point I started training with coaches, researching training methodology and experimenting on myself.   Through process of elimination I found how to reduce the recovery/injury cycle in order to train consistently at a high level for longer periods of time.   

My current marathon PR is 2:34:45, Boston 2010, half marathon PR is 1:13:48 in Queens NY 2010.  I currently reside in Costa Rica with my wife, two dogs Paloma and Frank, expecting a baby in January (2013).  7000 feet altitude, mountain roads to train on, 65 degrees all year round, 2 hours from the pacific ocean.  RUN BYFEEL is a way of life for me. 

I was a beginner at one time and it is truly gratifying helping runners achieve their goals and improve in the most efficient way. As we are all training under a coach, or training program, we are training to become coaches of ourselves.  I do have more to learn, and I am continuously seeking knowledge.




I hated running until I was 30 years old. I rarely ran for exercise, and I only cycled now and then. It all changed in July of 2008, on a random single day. Bored at work, I accepted a simple bet: Run the NYC Marathon in under 3:00hrs to win $8,000 to donate to charity – run slower, drop out or don’t start and pay $8,000 to charity yourself.


I had never run a race, I didn’t know a thing about running and I had only 14 weeks to train.


I crossed the finish line in 2008 in 2:43. And, since that moment I am in love with running and with the journey of preparing oneself to run a fast marathon.


I ran three more NYC marathons: 2:39 in 2009, 2:33 in 2010 and 2:31 in 2011 (PR). I won the Brooklyn Borough Trophy in 2010 and 2011 and I placed no. 55 in total that year.



I have learned a great deal about running since that day in July’08 when I agreed to what seemed like a crazy bet. I have learned how to become a better runner, how to deal with setbacks, and how to overcome injury. More importantly, I learned how to have more fun training today than I ever had before.


I know I can offer two things to my clients: first, a path to a faster time; second, and maybe more important, I can offer a perspective on having fun while putting great effort into running that often rocky path.




I started running in 2004, my first race was the Dash and Splash in Central Park, NYC on July 17th, my B-Day!  I had just met Adam and he had encouraged me to run a 5 mile race for my B-day and enjoy the events in beautiful Central Park.

It was a very hot day, I had a cotton shirt on, pants (because I was embarrassed of showing my legs) and a pair of Nike sneakers (my first running sneakers).
When I think about it, it was a very tough day.  I was nervous about not being able to finish the race.  Just when I was ready to quit I saw Adam at the finish and I finished the race in 53:37(10:32 pace).

Here is where my training to race began.  I trained for the Staten Island Half Marathon and other races that same year.  I fell in love with running.  I joined a team, raced and participated in the local running community in NYC.  My life totally changed.  I lost weight, I ate better, and I felt happier. 

I began running major marathons all around the world.  However, my improvement started to wane.  I decided to formally train with Adam and he taught me how to run by feel and my times improved exponentially. 

I ran the NYC Marathon in 3:27 minutes, I qualified for the Boston marathon, and I ran a Turkey Trot 5 mile race in 33 minutes (6:37 splits) and a 25K (7:17 splits). I have improved so much since I started RUN BYFEEL and I encourage your to join me. 

I will be running the NYC Marathon in 2013 and London 2014.  



Adam's training changed my understanding of running to truly RUN BYFEEL.    My background has always been in competitive athletics and running is now a huge part of my life.  

I played both soccer and lacrosse while growing up.  In fact I played rec soccer with Adam and his dad Sal was our coach.  In high school I was captain of both the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams.  I went on to play Division I lacrosse in college where I learned a lot about focus and discipline.  However, a head/helmet to my knee took out my ACL, MCL and meniscus – I did score on the play though!  Several months of rehab and I was back playing. 

After college I tried to find athletics that would fill the competitive gap and running and road racing (bicycles) was what did it.  Amazingly New York City has a huge running and riding community.  Although I mostly ran the shorter races I had always wanted to accomplish a full marathon and New York is the perfect place to start.  My marathon PR is 3:04 and my ½ marathon PR is 1:27 (6:40 pace).   My Olympic Distance Triathlon PR is 2:29:23 at Lake George.  I am a Cat 4 Road Racer (bicycle) and race in and around New York in Central as well as Prospect Parks.  I also coached the 1996 Nutmeg state tourney champs, 14 and under boys lacrosse team – a truly rewarding experience.

I started this training a year ago when I lost to a competitor 4-years in a row at the 5-mile Turkey Trot.  I was at rock bottom and raised the white flag.  After RUN BYFEEL I finally beat him in 2012 with 31:25 (6:17 splits).  

I live in New York and West Dover, Vermont – trail running is sick there!  My Yellow Lab Sonny Boy comes on 10 mile hikes with me in the Green Mountains.


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