Often people think of Costa Rica as a tropical country, with dense jungles, rain forests, and endless beaches.  It is this, and more.​

Our camp is nestled in a rain forest, at 7000 feet, right on the border of El Parque Nacional Los Quetzales.  The average temperature is 65 degrees Farenheit and humidity is non-existent.  The running roads are those of an old quarry that is no longer used, so there are miles of dirt roads where the only encounter will be those of hikers or coffee workers.  Do you like coffee?  Here the coffee is some of the best in the world.  And this camp is not just for running.  Take a beach trip and enjoy some of the best waves just two hours away.


For more information on either the Costa Rica or Vermont camps please contact us

The Vermont Green Mountains are a beautiful escape in the Northeast for runners.  The trail system intertwined with bubbling brooks and rivers are perfect for those who need a break from pavement.

Our camp is at the Mt. Snow ski resort in West Dover, VT.  Most who ski don’t think of VT in summer, but it is beautiful with all kinds of outdoor activities including running, biking, swimming in lakes, boating, fishing and hunting among other great activities.  The green mountains are named that for a reason and in summer THEY ARE GREEN!  Both the ski mountain and the Vermont Area Snowmobile Trail System (VAST) have extensive trail systems that are perfect for running.  It is an adventure every time we hit the trails.  The elevation (approx. 1500-3500 feet) make your lungs pull on the clean crisp Vermont air.  And the slope will challenge the most experience athletes – you are running up mountains.


For more information on either the Costa Rica or Vermont camps please contact us


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