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How does lactic acid affect my running?


muscles is a natural defense – it slows your body down so you can avoid injury or permanent damage.  Think of sprinting until you no longer can – your brain may want to keep going but your body is saying no way. 

So what happens when you build up lactic acid in your muscles?  They feel sore and sometimes for days after a very hard workout.  Some people feel that if they are not sore than they did not work hard enough.  This is a false notion and can lead to fatigue and even serious injury.  At the very least lactate build up will hinder your workouts – and you need to run consistently to progress.  RUN BYFEEL’s gradual phase training increases your body’s ability to endure longer and harder aerobic training before your body starts producing lactic.  At the same we train you to be able to increase your tolerance for higher levels of lactic in your muscles.  The result?  You will increase your ability to run faster and longer without the negative effects of lactic acid.

Our bodies prefer to generate energy for running through oxygen using aerobic methods. This is when oxygen levels are normal and we use carbohydrates that break down into water and carbon dioxide.  So when does aerobic running happen?  Aerobic running typically happens when you are running at an easy to moderate pace with normal breathing and able to hold a conversation with a running partner.  More specifically you can gauge aerobic efforts by understanding your maximum heart rate and running well below 80% of max.

However, when we run faster, harder and longer our breathing intensifies.   As an effect of increased strain we naturally deliver oxygen to the muscles in our bodies by metabolizing carbohydrate or glucose into a substance called pyruvate. This pyruvate is temporarily converted to lactic acid which allows for further glucose breakdown and delivers the necessary energy to our bodies to help us sustain our running.  When we produce too much lactic acid our bodies start to shut down and we need to slow down or stop running.  The presence of lactic in your

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