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Chafing and Running

preventative chafe aids are Body Glide and Bag Balm and Chamois Butt'r.  Body Glide can be purchased at most running stores and applies like a deodorant stick - its usually best to not pass the glide around with your running buddies.  Body Glide is non oily and works especially well for humid weather or the small fire you naturally generate in your groin.  Bag Balm can be found at health food stores under the cosmetics section.  It may be a little oily so be careful with your clothes.  A final recommendation is a product called...wait for it....Butt Paste.  Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is primarily marketed for use with babies but a genius in their marketing department decided to sneak samples in race goodie bags which may have led “some of us” to order the industrial size 16 oz tub for continuous use.  Butt Paste is heavenly and although scientifically-not-proven the glide sensation has made some runners faster!  It can stain clothing but (pun intended) a small price to pay to avoid post run whimpering in the shower.   Butt Paste suggested application:  Use toilet paper to apply as butt paste has some serious staying power and is hard to wash off your hand - it smells fine, but a mid run wipe of your brow instantly reminds you of where your fingers had been!

My Nipples Hurt...Why?

Chafing?  Yikes!  Have you ever forgot to put anti-chafing on before a long run?  Most runners have experienced chafing at some point in their careers.  You start to notice during your run or race, but adrenaline allows you to push on.   Its not until post run, when you see horrified looks from non-runners staring at your bleeding nipples, that you start to question the level of damage to your nips groin and armpits.  And, if you still don’t feel it by the time you get home wait until you get in the shower - shrieking is a common response.  The root cause of chafing is the friction of your skin rubbing against skin or clothing.   For that reason it is important to pinpoint sensitive areas and make sure you are protected.


Lubrication for’s for running too

There are many anti-chafing balms, gels and creams and you may have to test several to see what works best for you.  If you don’t have any specific running anti chafing brands, straight up vaseline/petroleum jelly can do the trick.  A couple of the best 

Who wears short shorts?

You know those american flag short shorts with the crusty lining that you bought in 1991?  Or that really tight cotton shirt that shows off your guns when you run? Or, the ball-hugger tights with the pronounced seam?  Your retro fashion statement may be contributing to chafing.  It maybe time to upgrade to some well fitting wickaway gear.  Keep in mind that wickaway can still chafe and any super tight areas can create a hot spot and still produce enough friction to break  your skin.  Make sure that your new gear fits comfortably when you buy it, and yes you can try on running shorts in the store.

It’s not the walk of shame - I’m chafed from running

Walking bowlegged?  Who cares what people think, but you still look funny so laugh it off after the pain subsides.  There are some remedies if you did not have the chance to prevent it.  First, gently clean the area with water and dry it thoroughly.  If the area is severely swollen, bleeding or crusted you may need an antibiotic or a medical ointment from your doctor.   As a fail safe there are a couple home remedies including corn starch, aloe vera and oatmeal with a tad of olive oil (to create paste).   Corn Starch will dry out the chafed areas and will make the areas easier to clean.  If the chafing is really bad you may have to take a few days off from running.  Although it’s best to try to prevent chafing in the first place, try to be prepared for the worst - lubricate the machine.

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